Featuring Cinderella and the Secret Prince (2018) directed by Lynne Southerland (Mulan 2: The Final War, 2004), written by Francis Glebas (known for his work on Aladdin 1992, The Lion King 1994), in collaboration with Gold Valley Films. A Fairy’s Game (2017) written by Elijah Nelson (Mad Men, 2007 and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, 2015).

Featuring HBO presented Bebé (2017), now airing on HBO Latino, HBO GO and HBO NOW. An Act of Terror (2017), directed by Ashley Brim (producer behind Homeland) and co-written by Rachel Rush (American Crime Story). Red Rider (2015) directed by Sam A. Davis (cinematographer of the 2019 Oscar winning Period. End of Sentence).


Video Games

Featuring Zombies! For Xbox Fitness (2016) in collaboration with Microsoft/FitLife Productions as well our music for Virre CSGO (2018-2019), one of the most well-known Counter-Strike editors of today.


Featuring Waiting Game (2017) with Bruce McGill in the leading role (Lincoln 2012 and Shades of Blue 2018).



Featuring Little Italy, Los Angeles (2018), an award-winning series created by Adriano Valentini together with Adaptive Studios. Adriano was a Top 10 Finalist for HBO’s Project Greenlight and winner of the NBC Playground Competition 2016.


Featuring Rounds (2017) directed by Marko Slavnic (The House: A Hulu Halloween Anthology 2017) in collaboration with Adaptive Studios/Blackpills. Among the cast you find Greg Collins (S.W.A.T. 1998) and Dusty Sorg (Westworld, 2016).


Featuring our commercial work with clients like Playing For Change and the Los Angeles based dance company Antics. In Player (2013) you find the award-winning Swedish actress Alexandra Dahlstrom among other well-known actors. Player and The Tour have aired on SVT (Swedish Television).

Featuring the award-winning slasher feature film Murder in the Woods (2018). In the cast you find Danny Trejo (From Dusk Till Dawn 1996, Heat 1995) and Kade Wise (Homeland 2017, Empire 2018). Winners of Best Soundtrack - Feature Film at Fantastic Horror Film Festival (2018) and Macabre Faire Film Festival (2018).