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Voyage LA: Meet Suite Tracks

Los Angeles’ authority on up and coming artists wrote an exclusive about Suite Tracks and their origin story. From the inception of the duo to their expertise, Isabelle and Gerardo walk readers through their story.


Award: Winner - Best Soundtrack

Murder in the Woods, Macabre Film Festival 2018

“It was a pleasure collaborating with this team of composers. They always surpassed my expectations. Isabelle is from Sweden and Gerardo is Latino from Laredo Texas. The fusion of their diverse ethnic background makes their music out of this world,” Director Luis Iga


Award: Winner - Best Soundtrack

Murder in the Woods, FANtastic Horror Film Festival 2018

“When we met Isabelle and Gerardo, both graduates of the USC Thornton school of music, and listened to their compositions, we knew we had our composers. We chose an eclectic mix of musical styles ranging from old new wave to Latin-hip-hop, rap to pop.” Writer/Producer Yelyna De Leon

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Award: Nominee - Best Original Score in a Fantasy/Science - Fiction/Horror Feature

A Fairy’s Game, Reel Music Awards 2018


Review: The Other Place

A short film directed by and staring Lee-Amir Cohen. He shares the story of a man suffering anterograde amnesia, and along with his fiancé they imprison the district attorney — his brother-in-law. In just under eighteen minutes, you explore the control factor in a toxic relationship and dive into a purely venomous situation. Don Shanahan raves, “the music of Isabelle Engman-Bredvik and Gerardo Garcia, Jr. cements the tone with weighty unease. Nary a hair or whisper of this film is out of place.” 



The Swedish Society of Songwriters, Composers and Authors interviews Isabelle in an article, as well as features her in a few webinars. Isabelle’s introduction to gaming music was through her mentor, Gary Schyman, who she met at her time in the world renowned program, Scoring for Motion Pictures and Television at USC’s Thorton School for Music. She elaborates on the current bigs in the industry and how the gaming market provides certain creative freedoms, leaving room for more experimental and diverse production.  

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Studio Magazine

Isabelle Engman is featured in a two-part article in Sweden’s premier online magazine, Studio. Part One follows her through a day in the studio, writing “great music in many genres, and here she tells Studio about her way to the coveted jobs” in Los Angeles. Post-grad, Isabelle is recognized for her ability to be a music chameleon; she can work in many styles, genres and has a strength in making the music sound authentic. In the interview she shares, “It is not just your music that is important, but you are part of a context, and you have to know what the context is.” In Part Two, the magazine delved into her impressive insights in the industry.